Ithacans cheer on the US soccer team at Uncle' Joe's Monday night. (Neil Rockow)
Ithacans cheer on the US soccer team at Uncle’ Joe’s Monday night. (Neil Rockow)
Ithacans cheer on the US soccer team at Uncle’ Joe’s Monday night. (Neil Rockow)

Ithaca, N.Y. — When the World Cup rolls around, soccer (football?) fans across the globe head to their local pubs (bars?) to have a pitcher, or two, with friends and enjoy the games.

And just because Ithaca isn’t a part of the United Kingdom doesn’t mean you can’t kick back at a local watering hole to cheer on team USA Monday night at 6 p.m.

Here are a few places we know will be showing the game tonight (if we missed yours, email me at

Uncle Joe’s Grill & Sports Bar

The first stop you’ll want to make is Uncle Joe’s Grill and Sports Bar. Located on West Green Street, just past the corner of South Albany Street. A self-described “local tavern for local people”, Uncle Joe’s boasts an array of TVs and a family-friendly atmosphere. You’ll be comfortable catching a game with friends or bringing the kids to cheer on the boys in blue.

Kilpatrick’s Publick House

If you’d rather stay downtown, Kilpatrick’s Publick House offers a traditional pub environment with modern amenities. Each booth is outfitted with a private TV, or you can saddle up to the bar and watch the game with fellow fans.

Mahogany Grill

Located around the corner from Kilpatrick’s, the Mahogany Grill offers another option in the downtown area. It’s comes with a more upscale appeal, and higher prices, with a restaurant vibe. But the food is excellent. Catch the 6:00 game with dinner.

Collegetown options

Rounding out the options are Rulloffs, located on College Avenue, and the Chapter House, located on Stewart Avenue. Rulloffs offers a more collegiate atmosphere, with drink and food specials almost every night of the week, but has a smaller TV.

The Chapter House is probably the best option for those living on East Hill. It offers a classic pub environment, with free popcorn, if you’re so inclined. The beer selection alone is worth the trip. If craft beer is you’re calling, the Chapter House won’t disappoint.

North Star House

Last but not least, if you’re in the Fall Creek neighborhood tonight stop over to the Northstar House. It’s expecting a large turnout for tonight’s game and has opened its beer garden for outside viewing.

Have a pint and take in some fresh air while you root for U.S.A.

No matter where you live, or who you’re cheering for, Ithaca offers plenty of options for this World Cup season.