Johnson City, N.Y. — An emergency room doctor at the Wilson Memorial Regional Medical Center was censured last month for malpractice after committing several offenses that included failing to consult a patient’s surgeon, according to documents from the New York State Department of Health.

Dr. Maysoon A. Naman
Dr. Maysoon A. Naman

Dr. Maysoon A. Naman, of Johnson City, will serve two years of probation after she acted with negligence on more than one occasion and with incompetence on more than one occasion between 2009 and 2011, the state department said.

Naman, who earned her license to practice in New York state on Aug. 14, 1992, agreed to the terms outlined by the Department of Health on April 25.

The documents show five major incidents that led to Naman’s censure:

Maysoon Naman Censure Documents by IthacaVoice

1) Naman treated a 32-year-old patient with end-stage kidney failure who was a long-term dialysis patient.

When the patient arrived at Wilson Hospital on Jan. 23, 2011, with a cough and sore throat, Naman failed to properly diagnose the patient and failed to treat the patient for fluid overload. In addition, Naman did not order an EKG for the patient and did not seek admission for the patient, which were considered deviations from standard practice by the state.

2) A patient who previously had lung cancer went to Wilson Hospital on Nov. 26, 2010, and received care from Naman. The patient’s symptoms included shortness of breath and ankle swelling. In addition, the patient underwent a right lobectomy a month earlier and had a chest tube removed a week earlier.

According to documents from the Department of Health, Naman failed to consult the patient’s surgeon regarding the results of a chest CT, failed to admit the patient to the hospital and failed to consider that the patient had acute cardiac syndrome, an umbrella term for what could have been a heart attack.

3) On Sept. 4, 2010, Naman treated a patient who had “chest pain and shortness of breath with exertion.” She diagnosed the patient with bronchitis without “adequate medical indications” and treated the patient with Albuterol.

Naman, however, did not rule out acute coronary syndrome and new onset congestive heart failure in the patient before giving treatment, which — according to the Department of Health — violated accepted standards.

4) In February 2009, a patient went to Wilson Hospital and was treated by Naman after complaining of “chest heaviness and shortness of breath.” While treating the patient, Naman failed to “obtain an adequate medical history” from the patient and failed to diagnose the patient’s condition.

5.) In October 2011, Naman failed to submit a complete application when applying for reappointment at United Health Services Hospitals, the provider that oversees Wilson Hospital.

Maysoon Naman Censure Documents by IthacaVoice