Enfield Falls. (Courtesy Flickr user "bobistraveling")

Ithaca, N.Y. — Enfield and Lucifer Falls in the Ithaca area have been named as some of cheapflights.com’s favorite swimming holes in the world.

The list, which can be found here, includes locations from Iceland to Thailand and makes note of the falls in the Robert H. Treman Park.

(The list does not take into account the fact that Lucifer Falls is not a “swimming hole.”)

The 115-foot Lucifer Waterfall is described as the major attraction, although the list calls the lesser-known Enfield Waterfall “just as beautiful.”

“Avoid the sweltering city heat and head into upstate New York. Just outside Ithaca, you can visit the Robert H. Treman Park and all the falls that come with it,” the site says.

The list recommends visiting the approximate dozen waterfalls within the state park.

Kyle Friend

A senior at Cornell University, Kyle covers the affordable housing crisis for the Ithaca Voice. Reach him through e-mail: kyleafriend@gmail.com.