Trumansburg, N.Y. — There were downed willow trees and branches scattered across the Trumansburg Golf Club green in the wake of the storm Tuesday night.

But the golf club sustained no major damage to its green or buildings during the storm, says Jared Smith, pro shop supervisor at the golf club.

The fear of real damage was there.

“There were a couple good bursts of wind,” Smith said. “We got lucky.”

The greatest damage to the golf course came in the form of broken branches and felled trees across the green.

Photos the golf club posted on Facebook show twigs, leaves, and larger branches littered across fairways.

One willow tree near the green for the course’s 17th hole was “almost gone” after the storm. Smith said.

“It was impressive, the way the tree was damaged,” Smith said.

“It actually split in two-thirds. Two of the biggest beams [fell].  But the middle’s still standing there.”

The storm Tuesday night was predicted to bring winds of up to 70 mph to Tompkins County.

While there were no reports of major injuries or significant property damage, about 11,000 homes were without power as of 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to an official with the Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response.

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Areas farther north sustained heavier damage after the storm. Four people, including a mother and her 4-month-old child, were killed in Madison county during the storm, according to The victims lived in three separate houses.