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We call it the Ithaca news cheat sheet. It features a rundown of the 10 biggest headlines from the area.

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— Jeff Stein

1 — Major news about the trucking company in the Simeon’s crash

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2 — GrassRoots faces lawsuit from woman over falling umbrella

3 — An in-depth look at Ithaca’s job statistics. Good & bad news


4 — The second in a popular feature looking at old photos of Ithaca


5 — A fatal accident in a nearby county. The Times reports

6 — A call for clarity about an IPD grant and an IPD incident

7 — Local man facing sex charges


8 — 15 days behind bars for activist’s role in natural gas protest

9 — From the theatre to the theater

10 — Cuomo’s challenger makes the case that she may win

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.