Ithaca, N.Y. — Dr. Luvelle Brown, superintendent of the Ithaca City School District, said on Tuesday that a new Ithaca High School principal will likely be chosen before next spring.

Powers. (Courtesy ICSD TV)
IHS Principal Jarett Powers is leaving. (Courtesy ICSD TV)

“At the latest, we hope to announce a new person this spring,” said Brown, “but we will be flexible as we find that exceptional candidate.”

Ithaca High School principal Jarett Powers is leaving the school to take a position as the superintendent of the Union Springs School District, located in nearby Cayuga County. Powers’ departure was announced Monday.

“He’s had a long history at Ithaca High School where he’s grown professionally and personally,” Brown said.

Before becoming principal in 2011, Powers was a member of the faculty, teaching history courses at the school since he became a full-time teacher in 2004.

Superintendent Brown

“I’d like to think I leave the high school better than I found it, and in a strong position to continue to support student learning and achievement,” Powers said in a press release.

The graduation rate at Ithaca High School improved each year that Powers held the title of principal, the school says.

Although the district is searching nation-wide for the replacement, Dr. Brown is open to hiring from within the district.

“We have local talent; we have regional talent; and we have national talent. We’re going to be open and I anticipate folks from all three areas to apply,” Brown said in a phone interview.

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