Ithaca, N.Y. — Chicago-based rapper “Big Dipper” is scheduled to perform twice at Lot 10 in downtown Ithaca on Friday night.

The 2007 graduate of Ithaca College will be featured at the bar along with DJ Ether Eden at 10 p.m., and once again in the early hours of Saturday at 1 a.m., according to the bar’s website. described Big Dipper as “Nicki Minaj plus a gay bear,” and called the rapper’s music “clubby.”

“Danceability is what we aim for,” the Dipper told VICE in 2013. “If we can’t dance to it, we don’t do it.”

VICE wrote:

“Bouncing along atop the drums, heavy synths and, in one case, a Backstreet Boys sample, is the single key component to the sound, the Dipper’s voice, a voice honed over countless lunch table top-of-the-head freestyles in Evanston with the girth and elasticity of a produce rubber band and the texture of a bag full of marbles, framed, as it should be, in a beard and delivered with a palpable energy from beneath bright eyes, large glasses and a high and semi-tight/rattail combination. The voice is reflected in the Dipper’s clothes, as strong, flexible and impractical as his silver chain, and in his motions, namely, the idea that something so large, be it the voice or the Dipper’s own sizable frame, can move so nimbly.”

Big Dipper’s performance will take place during a benefit dance party for Planned Parenthood of the Southern Lakes. There is a suggested donation of $10.

We’ll link to some of his videos — here and here — instead of posting them because they may not be, ahem, exactly family-friendly.

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