Judge Peacock

Ithaca, N.Y. — Seth Peacock appears to have lost the Democratic primary for Ithaca City Court judge to local attorney Rick Wallace Tuesday night, according to the Board of Elections.

But Peacock won the Working Families Party race, and is thus eligible to run on that party’s line in the general election in November.

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Peacock seemed to signal to his supporters in a Facebook post Wednesday that he would run against Wallace under the Working Families Party line. “The goal was to get to November’s general election and we will be there!,” Peacock’s campaign page said in a post. “This is and will be a very close election so we will need all hands on deck.”

Peacock won the Working Families Party election with eight votes. Wallace got six votes on the Working Families Party line.

Peacock, the interim judge, lost the Democratic primary to Wallace by a margin of 745 to 675, or 41 percent to 37 percent.

In an interview Tuesday night, Wallace said he couldn’t imagine that Peacock would run against him in the general election.

“I think I would do well with the general electorate if it came to that,” Wallace said.

Peacock did not immediately return an email sent Wednesday.

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