Zachary Labe is a Cornell student majoring in atmospheric sciences who runs Cornell Weather.

Ithaca, NY – Periods of heavy rain are likely today across the Finger Lakes as a cold front moves across the region.

An area of low pressure and unsettled weather over Lake Michigan will continue to slowly creep eastward over the next few days. Winds from the south will bring in milder temperatures that are well above normal.

According to the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University, the average high in Ithaca for October 15 is 59°F with an average low of 38°F. Our temperatures will hover in the mid-60s overnight to highs around 72°F for the next few days.

Chances of rain showers will exist almost every day this week through Friday; however, most areas will have dry conditions for the majority of the time.

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The heaviest rain will fall today with rain of upwards of three quarters of an inch.

Temperatures will begin to tumble later this week as colder air from behind the slow moving storm system advances into the region.

By the end of the week temperatures will fall to more seasonable values before another small cold front passes through Saturday afternoon. Significantly colder air will move into the area by late weekend and early next week.

A few forecast computer models suggest temperatures will be approximately 5°F to as much as 15°F below normal.

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