Ithaca, N.Y. — Local and state officials met at Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton’s office last Thursday to discuss how to improve truck safety in Ithaca.

The discussions come out of a fatal June 20 crash at Simeon’s restaurant that claimed the life of a bartender.

The Thursday meeting of the group — which includes representatives from the county, state, Department of Transportation and city — also occurred one day after a dump truck crashed on an Ithaca hill.

Lifton said in an interview Tuesday that officials are still going over different ideas to figure out which might be practical to implement and effective.

Barbara Lifton
Barbara Lifton

Lifton said there’s unlikely to be a single silver bullet and that local officials will instead look to a series of solutions, including “low-hanging fruit” like improving signage on the roads coming into the city.

“I think the main takeaway from the meeting was that there would be a range of things,” Lifton said.

“Might we do some rerouting of trucks? Might we change streets downtown so there aren’t trucks coming down on the Commons?”

“There are maybe four or five different things that will contribute” to an answer, she said.

Lifton noted that there would likely be discussions in early December with members of the public to solicit feedback on the proposals. Many of the ideas — including rerouting of trucks — are going to require further study and analysis, she said.

“We haven’t set a definite date to present where things are, but there are a whole range of ideas and we’ll ask for further input from the public,” she said.

Other ideas included possible barriers downtown and more education for truck drivers.

Simeon’s crash coverage

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