The protesters on Nov. 11.

Ithaca, N.Y. — Four more people from Tompkins County — and nine in total — were arrested protesting at the gates of the Crestwood gas facility on Thursday, according to a statement from the protesters.

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(Click here or here for more background on the protests.)

Those arrested today were:

— John Burger, 56, of Dryden

—Becca Harber, 64, of Newfield

— Bruce Agte, 58, of Binghamton

— Coby Schultz, 54, of Springwater

— Margie Rogers, 60, of Elmira

— Britton Dougherty, 28, of Ovid

— Maryl Mendillo of Aurora

— Kathy Russell, 67, of Dryden

— Sara Hess, 68, of Ithaca

Faith Meckley, one of the protesters, said that 61 people have now been arrested. (That contradicts prior estimates from the protesters; we’re awaiting a final number.)

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