Welcome to the quickest way to learn the day’s most important local news.

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We call it the Ithaca news cheat sheet. Sponsored by Quilters Corner, it features a rundown of the 10 biggest headlines from the area.

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1 — Local protesters arrested blocking construction at gas facility in Schuyler County

2 — There’s an election tomorrow. Are you ready?

3 — More details on a recent Ithaca bank robbery

4 — A look back at Edward Rulloff’s calling hours

5 — Lansing Star has an update on the deer control efforts

6 — The NY Times on tomorrow’s election

7 — WHCU has a round-up of what’s going on locally

8 — What’s being built in the area?

9 — Checking in on Ithaca hero and NHL star Dustin Brown

10 — And a burglary at IC

Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.