(Courtesy of Press Bay Alley's Facebook page)

Ithaca, N.Y. — The first-ever “Press Bay Christmas Farmers’ Market” will be held Tuesday off of Green Street in downtown Ithaca

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(Courtesy of Press Bay Alley's Facebook Page/Michael Burns)
(Courtesy of Press Bay Alley’s Facebook Page/Michael Burns)

“The idea is that it’s going to be essentially everything you need to make Christmas dinner,” said John Guttridge, the managing member of Press Bay Alley developer Urban Core LLC, which will host the market in conjunction with Cornell Cooperative Extension and Finger Lakes Meat Project.

Press Bay Alley — a downtown retail complex at The Ithaca Journal’s former storage bays — opened in July.

The market will feature everything from apples and turkeys to hard cider and coffee, Guttridge said. There is a “pretty diverse array of things that will be there … entirely from local farms in one stop,” Guttridge said.

Guttridge said that the market will bring “multifaceted” benefits to the community.

“There’s a really good opportunity for farmers to get out and market the products they’re making,” he said of the event, which will feature local musician Travis Knapp, according to the event’s Facebook page.

“It brings people downtown,” he added. “During the holiday season, with the Commons construction, the more traffic, the better.”

The event will cost farmers a $10 fee to participate, but farmers will receive their own tables to market their products.

(Courtesy of Press Bay Alley's Facebook page)
(Courtesy of Press Bay Alley’s Facebook page)

Over a dozen farms and food producers will be there, according to event organizers, including:

— Good Life Farm (greens, apples, ginger, turmeric, turkeys, hard cider)
— Nook & Cranny Farm (roots & greens)
— Cayuta Sun Farm (chicken, pork, dried mushrooms)
— Roaming Root (pork)
— Crooked Carrot (lacto-fermented vegetables, pickles, tomato sauce, applesauce, squash puree)
— Windsong Farm (beef, lamb, chicken, homemade jam, fiber products)
— KP’s Cakes (cakes, holiday themed cupcakes)
— Daring Drake Farm & Blackduck Cidery (apples, potatoes, pork, hard cider, perry, cider vinegar)
— Red Tail Farm (vegetables, honey, homemade jam)
— Park Hill Poultry (heritage turkeys)
— Wellspring Forest Farm (dried mushrooms, mushroom logs, maple syrup)
— Youth Farm Project (jam, salsa, vegetables)
— Copper Horse Coffee (whole bean coffee)
— Tree Gate Farm (lard, eggs, handmade soap, wreaths, horseradish, greens, pumpkins, roots)
— Finger Lakes Meat Project (information on the Downtown Ithaca Meat Locker, plus t-shirts, stickers, and pins!)

Farmers interested in participating should contact Matt Leroux, Agricultural Marketing Specialist of Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County, by e-mailing him at mnl28@cornell.edu

The market will take be open between the hours of 4 p.m and 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday between 116-118 West Green Street.

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