Ithaca, N.Y. — Like the Seattle Seahawks, an ad agency founded by an Ithaca College alumnus is looking for another taste of Super Bowl glory.

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Jason DeLand, who graduated from Ithaca College in 1998, is the founder of an ad agency called Anomaly.

Anomaly produced “Puppy Love,” a Budweiser ad that went viral for last year’s Super Bowl:

YouTube video

This year, Anomaly produced “Lost Dog” hoping “to repeat the successful formula” behind “Puppy Love,” according to Dave Maley of IC’s communications department.

“Once again teaming an adorable golden Lab pup with the famous Clydesdale horses, the commercial was released online earlier this week and has already set heartstrings aflutter,” Maley said.

As of Friday morning, it already had close to 12 million page views.

Here it is:

YouTube video

A story on Ithaca College’s website recounted DeLand’s journey to IC, where he played outfield for the baseball team and was twice the Empire 8 leader in batting average.


DeLand spent a lot of his time in the Roy H. Park School of Communications, switching his major from politics to television-radio during his sophomore year. He enrolled in several advertising classes and quickly found that the ideas appealed to him.

“It clicked,” DeLand says. “I liked the atmosphere, and I liked what my professors were saying. I liked using knowledge of current events, arts, and culture to create a persuasive message. At Ithaca you can follow your passion, and that was mine.”

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