This column was written by Brian Crandall, who runs “Ithacating in Cornell Heights.”

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Stone Quarry hasn’t been the only project INHS (Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services) has been working on this past year. Over on South Hill, the non-profit affordable housing developer has been wrapping up Phase II of Holly Creek, a townhouse development just west of the intersection of King Road and Danby Road/Route 96B. Like the first phase, phase II totaled 11 units, bringing the total on-site to 22 units in rows of 3 or 4 units. No further phases are planned.

The 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units are complete and the last few are for sale ($106k and up) to first-time homebuyers that meet INHS’s buyer criterion. The design is a product of local architect Claudia Brenner, and construction was handled by local firmAvalon Homes LLC. Some commenters on Voice articles have been asking about whether certain builders are local and pay living wages. I checked and yes, they do.

The project has received criticism in some circles for being in too suburban of a location. INHS stands by its choice of location for being on a bus route and because the site had infrastructure/utilities already in place.


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