Reader submitted photo of the road blocked off during the barricade

Danby, N.Y. — Efforts have begun to help the family of a Tompkins County man who died Friday after an armed standoff with law enforcement that lasted over 60 hours.

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David Cady, 36, was found dead Friday morning after he barricaded himself inside his Danby home and fired a shot at a patrol car. Cady was being sought in connection with DWI charges.

Cady leaves behind two children and a wife, according to Ed Enstine, pastor of the Danby Federated Church.

The incident also ended with much of the Hornbrook Road home destroyed, effectively forcing Cady’s family into homelessness following his death, Enstine said.

Reader submitted photo of the road blocked off during the barricade

“She really has lost all the stability in her life in one fell swoop, so she will have to go through quite a period of readjustment,” the pastor said of Cady’s wife. “It’s pretty traumatic — this is awful stuff we’re dealing with.”

The slow recovery process has begun in earnest, Enstine said. A relief fund was begun by the church on Sunday; checks can be made out to the Danby Federated Church at 1859 Danby Road in Ithaca, NY.

“She’s basically lived her own life and worked and doesn’t take handouts very easily, but in this case she’s basically back to square 1 … square 0, at this point,” Enstine said.

The wife works in the service industry, according to Enstine. Without a lot of money, she now faces funeral expenses and the cost of finding housing.

“We’re all just trying to figure out how to do something,” Enstine said. The church gave her a check for a small amount, but “she’s going to need a lot more than that,” according to the pastor.

On Friday, the church will be taking donations at a chicken and biscuit dinner.

We’ll provide details of the event as it draws closer.

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