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Mayor Svante Myrick on Monday steered donors to a campaign account registered with the state for an Ithaca mayoral race.

Still, he said in a follow-up Facebook post that he has not announced his candidacy and is “gauging support” for his reelection.

His post said:

“I love this City and I love to serve this City. I feel like my service has made a difference and I’d like to continue.

But I won’t continue just because I am having fun and feeling productive. If Ithaca feels like it’s time for a change then I won’t run again.

So I have not officially announced – I am gauging support for a re-election campaign.”

Myrick said that donations would be refunded if he decides against running.

Earlier — 

Ithaca, N.Y. — Mayor Svante Myrick asked for contributions from donors for the “next chapter” in a post on Facebook on Monday.


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Myrick hasn’t publicly declared his intentions. But his post on Monday linked possible donors to “Myrick for Ithaca,” a campaign account registered with the New York State Board of Elections for the election of Ithaca’s mayor.

It seems likely that this means Myrick is running for reelection as Mayor of Ithaca. His first term will end in 2015; an election will be held this fall.

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Myrick became one of the youngest mayors in the country after he was elected in 2011.

Here’s his latest post, which links to “Svante Myrick for Mayor,” the website for his last campaign.

“Thanks for the birthday wishes! 28 years old.

Four years ago this week that I decided to run for Mayor.

Thousands of you supported me then, and every day since. Your advice, work, criticism, and love have made the City of Ithaca an even better place to live.

If you still believe in Ithaca and if you still believe in the path we’ve set, then I need your continued support.”

Myrick didn’t immediately return a request for comment; we’ll update this post when he does.

In 2011, Myrick was similarly coy about his intentions, first registering with the Board of Elections and then previewing a “major political announcement” before throwing his hat into the ring.

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