Ithaca, N.Y. — Former Ithaca Mayor Carolyn Peterson has been reappointed by EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to the United States Environmental Protection Agency Local Government Advisory Committee.


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“I am pleased to be selected to continue this important work, especially in connecting our smaller communities to the federal environmental processes,” Peterson said in a news release.

“This unique federal advisory group is critical in giving local governments a voice at EPA.”

Peterson announced the news on Wednesday.

She will represent county officials and provide recommendations to the EPA about “developing a stronger partnership with local governments and building state and local capacity in delivering environmental services and programs,” a statement said.

Here’s the rest of the news release:

“Peterson will serve on the Small Community Advisory Subcommittee (SCAS). The mission of the SCAS is to effectively inform and advise EPA on how environmental regulations impact small communities including reviewing the disproportionate costs of providing environmental protection and services in small communities, examining flexible regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to environmental protection, and encouraging that small communities receive adequate technical assistance through EPA, states, and third party providers.”

“Peterson will also continue to serve as the Chairwoman of the LGAC’s Air, Climate and Energy Workgroup as well as have a seat on the Cleaning Up Our Communities work group and the Environmental Justice work group.”

“Highlights from the past year’s work include: the LGAC Environmental Justice Best Practices for Local Government report, a report on the Clean Water Act Waters of the US Proposed Rule, and a letter to the EPA Administrator on the importance of an EPA rural strategy, among many other recommendations. (See )

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.