Update: A fifth fundraiser, “Chapter House fire victims fund,” has raised $1,520 from 25 people. (It wasn’t factored in the numbers below.)

Ithaca, N.Y. — An outpouring of support has already raised at least $22,000 for those affected by The Chapter House fire on Tuesday.


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More than 500 people have donated to four separate fundraising campaigns all related to the blaze, which destroyed two buildings and displaced at least 44 people.

Here are the fundraisers and how much has been raised for each as of 10:10 a.m. Friday morning:

— $11,144 | Support the 400 Stewart Ave Block: “All proceeds will be given to a Cornell account created specifically to help the affected students and will be disbursed from there as needed.”

— $5,462 | Help Rebuild the Chapter House! “Let’s help rebuild it.  Please share, and donate if you can.

— $2,805 | Fire Recovery Fund: “Although Cornell is providing temporary housing and other supplies for Savannah this will not last. She needs funds to repurchase clothing, school supplies, food, other neccessities, and secure housing for the rest of the semester.”

— $2,774 | Show Your Love for the Chapter House Staff: “They’ve served us drinks, brought us live music, provoked conversations, made us laugh, fed our bellies with popcorn & our minds with trivia — and built a special place that felt like home. Now they need our help.”

A link to all of the fundraisers can be found on the top right of the Ithaca Voice webpages. 

If we missed a fundraiser, email me at jstein@ithacavoice.com and we’ll add it here.

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