Nicholas, N.Y. — Three members of the state police in Tioga County are being applauded for helping to fight a fire before crews from local fire departments arrived.


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Here’s the account from state police, released today:

Earlier this month, Investigators William Dengler and Norman O’Neil were returning to their station when they came upon a working fire along Route 17 in the Town of Nichols.

Dengler and O’Neil parked in the median of the road, then jumped the fence to access the property and rushed to help. They found a woman outside the burning building waving her arms. The investigators were the only first responders on-scene at that time.

A third member of the state police — Trooper David Kemp, of Endwell, a former volunteer firefighter — then also arrived on scene.

As a Town of Nichols fire truck arrived, the three state police officers helped fight the fire. They later turned over the scene as additional personnel arrived and took control of the firefighting operation, according to state police.

Here’s a photo of the troopers’ efforts:

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 2.50.44 PM

Several readers lauded the state police action on Facebook:

— “What a great job, doing what needs to be done”

— “When needed, you spring into action”

— “Great Job, Prayers for everyone’s safety”

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Jeff Stein

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