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Learn How Ithaca Hummus Makes Its Magic

On Thursday, April 30th, first graders from Fall Creek elementary visited the Youth Farm with students from the LACS community service class.  Also present was Joe Sempolinski, an assistant and advisor to New York Congressman Tom Reed.  The first graders from Chris Bell’s class learned about what a farm is all about and also heard how our government works from Mr. Sempolinski.  In addition to touring the farm, the first graders helped dig holes for plants to grow in before having lunch. They seemed to have a wonderful time helping out on the farm.

Besides teaching the first graders about farming and where their food comes from, another goal of this visit was to bring attention to the Farm to School Act of 2015, a law that would provide funding for schools to purchase food from local farms rather than from retailers across the country.  It would provide easy access to fresh local food for schools across the United States.  Many of the LACS students talked with Mr. Sempolinski about the importance of this bill, so he could in turn tell Mr. Reed about it.

The LACS community service class would like to wish many thanks to the first grade students, Chris Bell, and Joe Sempolinski for visiting and learning with us, and thanks to Randi Quackenbush from the Food Bank of the Southern Tier and Ann Piombino from the Youth Farm project, as well.  It truly was a great success.

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