Ithaca, N.Y. — Danby is the fastest growing town in Tompkins County, and the city of Ithaca added the most people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


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The government agency just released its latest figures for cities and town throughout the country, including those in New York and Tompkins County.

Since 2010, all communities in Tompkins County have grown in population, according to the estimates.

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However, some have grown faster than others. Danby, with an estimated 2014 population of 3,495, has grown the fastest growing town, with just under 5% growth from its 2010 Census population of 3,329.  The village of Dryden is the fastest growing community in the county, with 10.85% growth since 2010, from 1,890 residents to 2,095. Most of the increase in Dryden can be attributed to the opening of the Poet’s Landing apartment complex.

The slowest growing community, the village of Freeville, has only added 3 residents since he 2010 census, going from 520 to 523. At 0.58%, it’s the lowest both in number and percentage.

In terms of gross increase, the city of Ithaca added the most people, with an estimated 706 new residents since the 2010 census. That brings the city’s population to 30,720. Ithaca town has the second largest numerical gain, with an estimated 585 residents added since 2010 (19,930 to 20,515).

In the year-to-year census estimates, some communities posted no growth or small population declines – the town of Enfield is thought to have gained no new residents from 2013 to 2014, and the villages of Cayuga Heights, Groton, Freeville and Trumansburg have estimated decreases. One caveat to the data, however, is that the census revised the 2013 numbers upward – using the old 2013 numbers, only Freeville and Trumansburg saw population declines.

For the sake of comparison, the nation as a whole has grown about 3.3% since 2010. That means the 3.1% average growth in Tompkins County is actually slightly below the national average. It just happens that the county’s growth looks much larger when compared to the population declines seen throughout most of Upstate.

A couple notes for reading the chart – villages are included in the town populations. All estimates are for July 1st of the given year. The data can be downloaded from the U.S. Census Bureau from their website here for the villages, and here for the towns. The estimates are determined using births, deaths, and reported migration in and out of the county (changes of address).

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