ITHACA, N.Y. — Ithaca’s first female firefighter has died, the Ithaca Fire Department said in a Facebook post on Thursday night.


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Firefighter Kathleen Siegel, of the department’s Company 9 from June 1977 to March 1980, is also being mourned by the San Jose Fire Department, according to the IFD’s Facebook post.

Here’s the photo included by IFD:

Siegel was well-known and well-liked, according to IFD.

We’ve been unable to track down an archived story about Siegel, but here’s yesterday’s post from the Ithaca Fire Department in full:

The Ithaca Fire Department mourns the passing of Firefighter Kathleen Siegel, volunteer member of Company 9 from June 1977 to March 1980.

Kathleen was the first female member of the Ithaca Fire Department. She brought about many positive changes that occurred in the history of IFD.

Her membership broke through barriers in the fire service and paved the way for others to follow. Since she left the department, there have been many women who were either volunteer or career firefighters with the department.

Kathleen is in our thoughts and prayers as well as the San Jose Fire Department family where she went on to work.


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