NEWFIELD, N.Y. – Two nights after flash flooding in Tompkins County, roads and bridges remain closed.

Despite Monday night and Tueday afternoon showers, Newfield Highway Supervisor Kevin Berggren said the area did not get any more flooding.

“We didn’t really get too much (rain) here,” he said about the newest burst of showers.

The National Weather Service said Newfield got at least 4.3 inches of rain during flooding Sunday night and Monday morning, according to preliminary data.

Route 34/96, between Piper and Brown roads is scheduled to be closed for several more days because of erosion under a bridge in the area, said Gene Cilento, a New York State Department of Transportation spokesman. About 4,000 people travel that portion of the bridge a day.

The Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response said the following roads will remain closed for several days:

— The Carter Creek Road bridge is closed until repairs can be made

— Bower Road between Shaffer and VanBuskirk roads

— Burdge Hill Road from Route 13 until the end

— Brown Road from Route 34/96 to Bruce Hill Road

— The intersection of VanBuskirk and Bower roads

Berggren said he’s not sure how many people are affected by the road closures, but said anyone who drives through the area will be rerouted.

“It’s kind of hard to get around that way,” he said.

The best way to avoid being rerouted at road closures, Berggren said, is to take Route 96B or Route 224 near Alpine Road to get around the area. He said there are some signs up letting people know about rerouting options. No other roads are closed, so he said people familiar with the area could likely travel on smaller roads they’re familiar with.

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