Editor’s Note: The following is an opinion column submitted by Joseph Cascioli, an Ithaca resident.

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I applaud a recent article published by The Ithaca Voice criticizing the use of money in politics. The article by Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and Rubin Danberg Biggs was well written and brings attention to an important grassroots effort, and at Grassroots Music Festival nonetheless. I’m energized by this article from a local publication, on how the founders of Ben and Jerry’s have been outspoken advocates against the use of money in politics, by saying that’s not a democracy.

To me, a third try college student deep in student debt, I find this to be one of the great issues of our time. Not income inequality, not the student debt crisis, nor youth unemployment but the use of money in politics. While I consider these, among other issues, to be national tragedies worth fighting against, every step we take on them is built on a house of cards that Citizens United can blow over in a new election cycle.I write to you not only hoping to promote the publishing of articles on the disastrous Citizens United decision, but also to bring attention to a man that has been fighting for this cause all along.

The Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is an outspoken opponent of money in politics, and one of the only presidential candidates leading the charge against Citizen United. While Ben and Jerry’s and Senator Sanders agree and work together on fighting corruption in politics, it will take a large national grassroots movement to take on the billionaire class.

As a local of Ithaca and concerned American I am asking The Ithaca Voice to get the conversation started early on the Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders. Do an in depth article on what Bernie Sanders is saying he will do to combat the great economic and moral issues facing our country. Our residents want to know.

The co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s criticized the role of money in politics at GrassRoots last weekend.
The co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s criticized the role of money in politics at GrassRoots last weekend.

Already across the country Americans have shown up in the thousands for Senator Sander’s political events. Ithaca, like in the 2008 presidential primaries, is a proud progressive voice in New York and should lead the charge for Bernie Sanders as a candidate of the people, for the people.

Two organization events are taking place in Ithaca on July 29th at 7pm. The goal is to organize volunteers and watch an online live broadcast from Bernie Sanders about the next steps of his campaign. Between the two events 100 people have RSVP’d. With over 1,800 events across the country, this will be the largest online political event in history.

Thank you for hearing me out and being an important online voice for Ithaca residents.

Concerned citizen and proud Ithacan,
Joseph Cascioli

Ithaca (NY) for Bernie Sanders Facebook Group

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