It is your friendly neighborhood computer guy over at Southside Community Center and we are back at it again. Let me start off by saying I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer.

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~~**Summer 2015**~~

*Services Being offered at our lab*:

Computer Repair – That’s right everyone. We will be offering computer repair. Drop off times for repair inquiry will be Monday through Wednesdays from 11am – 6pm. Please feel free to email me for more information, with questions and or concerns.

Donate-a-Lab program – With Cornell University as an official backer of this program we are proud to announce we have just began donating computer labs. To today’s date we have already successfully donated and installed 4 separate computer lab stations and have 3 pending. If you know anyone who could benefit from this please have them call the center or click here to fill out the application. In today’s day and age with the vast amount of technology cycling through Ithaca, there should be no reason why computers are a scarcity among some of our communities facilities. Our computer lab is working hard to eliminate the social and economic barriers to equalize the opportunity of education through technology. This program is a tool to creating this change. Lets create change together.

*We are also offering up another round of cool computer classes for the Summer*:

Beginner Computer Literacy course-To educate individuals on basic every day operations of a computer. By the end of class students will know basic computer operations including: How to turn on the computer, how to save and edit files, basic word processing, how to send and receive emails, install a printer, print files, and navigate the web. This class will begin 8/3/15. The cost of the course will be $30.

Build It and Keep It- Southside Community Center is focused on empowering the community through education. This will be a computer building course in which participants will gain the basic knowledge to build a computer from scratch. Upon completion of the course participants will not only walk away with the knowledge to build a computer but with the computer they have just built as well as the tools used during the course to repair the computers.This class will begin 8/3/15. The cost of the course will be $100. Financial aid may be available, contact us to inquire. You can sign up by clicking here.

If anyone is interested or have any questions or concerns you can contact me via email or call Southside Community Center at (607) 273-4190 and speak with either Myself (x226) or if I am unavailable you can ask for Jennifer Forbes.

-I would also again like to personally thank everyone yet again for helping the community become aware of all of these programs we are running here at the Southside Community Center. Thanks again. That’s just a taste for now. Stay Cool.

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