ITHACA, N.Y. — Continuing from last Friday’s Part I, here’s what Ithacans can expect to see rising in the Collegetown neighborhood over the next several months.

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With the exception of the Collegetown Crossing project, the latest crop of construction is in direct response to the neighborhood’s new zoning:

1 — 307 College

The largest individual building underway in Collegetown at the moment is at 307 College Avenue. The 6-story “Collegetown Crossing” project will bring 46 units with 96 bedrooms to the rental market when it opens its door to renters in August 2016. Also included is a 3,200 SF Greenstar grocery branch, two other commercial spaces, a heated bus shelter and a pocket park between the new building and IFD Station No. 9 to its north.

Currently, the site foundation is being prepared, but structural steel will be rising before the first snow falls. The property previously hosted a 2-story building once home to Kinney Drugs and more recently Ithaca Carshare. Local owner/developer Josh Lower is behind the project, Jagat Sharma is the architect, and construction work is through Hayner Hoyt Construction of Syracuse.

Observant readers might recall that this project has been in the works for years; and while most of it was designed before the new Collegetown zoning went into effect in 2014, it was the new zoning, and its removal of the parking space requirement for the site, that allowed Collegetown Crossing to happen.

2 — 327 Eddy

A couple blocks away at 327 Eddy Street, the early stages of work (excavation and the arrival of steel sheet piles for the foundation) are underway. The “Dryden Eddy Apartments”, as it’s now being called, will add 56 bedrooms in 22 units when it’s completed next summer.

The building replaces a 2-story building previously home to Club Sudz and Tung Fong grocery. Another Collegetown landlord, Steve Fontana, is developing the $4.8 million project. Jagat Sharma is once again the architect, and GM Crisalli & Associates of Syracuse is handling the build.

3 — 205 Dryden Road

Last in the trio of mid-rise apartment buildings under construction is 205 Dryden Road, the old Kraftee’s store. Pat Kraft and Rochester-based LeChase Construction isonly just finishing the tear-down, so it appears they’re a little behind the other two.

The $6.4 million project will have 10 apartments with 40 bedrooms, as well as a new Kraftee’s on the ground floor. This too will open in summer 2016, and yet again, local architect Jagat Sharma is responsible for the design.

4 — 205 Dryden Road

The odd one out among the new buildings is 209-215 Dryden Road, next door to 205. Although this isn’t under construction yet, the site has been cleared and preliminary approval is expected from the planning board this month.

The $12 million, 72,000 SF building is being developed by local developer John Novarr as academic and office space for Cornell’s Executive MBA program. 209-215 Dryden will host 420 faculty and staff when it opens, and that number will increase to about 600 as Cornell finishes out the space.

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Brian Crandall

Brian Crandall reports on housing and development for the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached at