Editor’s Note: The following opinion was written by Danby resident Gay Huddle.

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As a life-time resident of Ithaca, I have to be honest and say that I miss the “old” Commons, when driving down State Street was allowed. There were so many restaurants and stores, and it gave Ithaca part of its charm. I was, therefore, a bit of a skeptic with regard to the “new” Ithaca Commons, and was one of those people in doubt of it ever being the same. Well, it’s not the same, but of course that is what change and moving forward is all about, and those of us who dig in our heels at change (myself included) have to learn to understand that. The new Commons is sleek and open and light, and appeals to a new generation of downtown visitors, as it should.

What I found surprising is that the appeal seems to also extend to those of us “seniors,” for there were lots of us strolling, sitting at the tables chatting with those we knew and those we didn’t, sipping some wine or coffee and enjoying the music.

So, I am wondering why not extend the music right through September? The students are here, it would benefit the downtown businesses, and September can be a beautiful month in Ithaca. I know two concerts are planned, but that leaves a few more weeks in the month to continue with the fun, so I encourage the powers that be to do that!

Even the free movies at the State Theater are such a family treat, and even though school is in session, kids can enjoy weekend fun. How about it, Ithaca decision-makers? How about letting the fun times continue as long as possible, for, as Ithacans, we all know about that white stuff that will eventually send us scurrying indoors.

This is a great idea, if I do say so myself! What do others think?

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