The former Exxon Mobile HQ in Texas. Courtesy of Wikimedia

Correction: A previous version of this headline incorrectly said the teachers are from “Ithaca high.” They are in fact from Lehman.

The fault is mine.

— Jeff Stein.

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Ithaca, NY: Chris Sperry and Dan Flerlage, two high school teachers at the Lehman Alternative Community School in Ithaca, will partake in a peaceful civil disobedience action at 10:30 a.m., Saturday, October 31st. They will occupy the Mobil station on 540 W State St, in protest of recent exposés by Inside Climate News and the Los Angeles Times that as early as 1977 scientists at ExxonMobil discovered the impacts of fossil fuel emissions, making them among the first to learn about the threat of global warming.

According to the reports, ExxonMobil concealed its own findings and spent decades spreading false information about the dangers of global warming. The two teachers plan to remain at the ExxonMobil station until they are peacefully arrested.

The former Exxon Mobile HQ in Texas. Courtesy of Wikimedia
The former Exxon Mobile HQ in Texas. Courtesy of Wikimedia

We are taking action to shine light on the unconscionable profit-driven choices made by one of the worlds largest corporations that has had unimaginable consequences on the fate of our planet,” Flerlage said. “If Exxon had not lied the prognosis for humanity might look very different today.

Sperry expressed similar sentiments.

We help our students understand the moral responsibility that comes with the privilege of education. We teach our students to critically analyze all points of view (including the biases of their teachers), to struggle with developing their own rigorous and well-reasoned conclusions, and to take thoughtful civic action on the issues they believe are most important,” Sperry said.

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Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.