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ITHACA, N.Y. —  On April 12, 1961 cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to go into space. Get inspired as the world celebrates the 55th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering flight into space. Since 2001, Yuri’s Night has been celebrated annually by tens of thousands of people in over 75 countries on all seven continents, virtual worlds such as Second Life, and the International Space Station.

Science Cabaret is celebrating Yuri’s Night on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 7pm. The event will be a Coltivare (235 S. Cayuga St., Ithaca, NY 14850).  The event is free. Those interested in attending can RSVP here:

Joining us: Lisa Kaltenegger, Astrophysicist and Director of Carl Sagan Institute

Talking about: Thousands of New Worlds

Joining us: John G. Hertzler, Actor, Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Talking about: The habitable earth-like planets in a fictional universe

and special guest

Tim Youngs, New York Designer-Illustrator-Creative, Live illustrating this program

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