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ITHACA, NY — Picky Ithaca eaters of the pint-size variety (and their parents) can rejoice — the children’s menu at The Heights Restaurants and H Bar gives plenty of options for the whole family.

Children can choose from steak fajitas, chicken tacos, butter or marinara noodles, buffalo chicken strips with a bleu cheese dipping sauce, even steak frites in kid-friendly portions.

All selections include a choice of French fries or seasonal vegetables and ice cream for dessert.

“We make everything, that’s the truth. We don’t buy chicken strips, we make them,” says owner James Larounis. “Everything we make I would be proud to feed to my own kids.”

The Heights' children's menu as of April 2016.
The Heights’ children’s menu as of April 2016.
The Heights’ children’s menu as of April 2016.

903 Hanshaw Road, Ithaca, NY |14850 | (607) 257-4144 | The restaurant has a casual, contemporary atmosphere and features Mediterranean-inspired American cuisine. We place the utmost value on our seasonal...