Photo courtesy of the Ithaca Police Department SWAT Facebook page.

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Chief of Police John R. Barber is proud to announce that the Ithaca Police SWAT Team has been certified by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), the culmination of a nearly two-year application process.

The Ithaca SWAT Team is one of only seven teams in New York State to achieve this Certification. The SWAT Team Certification was established in 2010 by the New York State Municipal Police Training Council (MPTC) and DCJS.

Certification standards are extensive, taking a close look at the Team’s operating policies to include Team Structure/Supervision, Operator selection/staffing, mandatory initial training (160 Hour Basic SWAT Course), yearly in-service training, physical fitness standards, specialty training, Command/Supervision Training, Equipment Standards (Individual Operator/Team Equipment), Direct & Accessible Team Capabilities, deployment procedures, tactical planning, operations and debriefing, to name just a few.

Photo courtesy of the Ithaca Police Department SWAT Facebook page.
Photo courtesy of the Ithaca Police Department SWAT Facebook page.

Certification is not mandatory and is good for a period of two years, at which time a request for renewal of certification will need to be completed.

SWAT Commander Lieutenant Jacob Young added the following quote: “Obtaining this extensive certification and holding ourselves to the highest standards in the tactical community is an example of our commitment to being prepared and providing the best service to our community when called upon to assist in a high risk incident”.

The Ithaca Police SWAT Team is a multi-jurisdictional team serving the City of Ithaca and Tompkins County. Currently the team consists of 11 Ithaca Police Officers and 4 Tompkins County Sheriff Deputies and works hand-in-hand with the Critical Incident Negotiations Team.

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