ITHACA, NY – The Ithaca-Tompkins Regional Airport hosted its annual Airport Day on Sunday, featuring aircraft new and old, big and small, classic cars and other vehicles and the Runway 5k.

Lots of people showed up to partake in the Father’s Day pancake breakfast before viewing the variety of vehicles on display, including small aircraft, radio-controlled planes, classic cars, the Ithaca Police Department’s SWAT van, and several firetrucks.

Of course one of the highlights of the show was of course “Tommy”, a Thomas-Morse S4-B Scout built in Ithaca in 1918 for use in the First World War. “Tommy” returned to Ithaca in 2010 and is now under the care of the Ithaca Aviaiation Heritage Foundation. There are only about a dozen of these planes left in existence.

(All photos by Jeff Lower of

Airport 5k-1
Airport 5k-2
Airport 5k-3
Airport 5k-4
Airport 5k-5
Airport 5k-6
Airport 5k-7
Airport 5k-8
Airport 5k-9
Airport 5k-10
Airport 5k-11
Airport 5k-12
Airport 5k-13
Airport 5k-14
Airport 5k-15
Airport 5k-16
Airport 5k-17
Airport 5k-18
Airport 5k-19
Airport 5k-20
Airport 5k-21
Airport 5k-22
Airport 5k-23
Airport 5k-24
Airport 5k-25
Airport 5k-26
Airport 5k-27
Airport 5k-28
Airport 5k-29
Airport 5k-30
Airport 5k-31
Airport 5k-32
Airport 5k-33
Airport 5k-34

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