ITHACA, NY – On Monday, Ithaca firefighters contained a blaze that might have burned down a home and hundreds of acres of wheat fields, officials said.

At around 2:45 on Monday, firefighters responded to a fire on the 1300 block of Mecklenburg Road in the town of Ithaca. A brush fire was burning in a ditch and moving toward a home and the wheat fields, the Ithaca Fire Department stated.

Two fire engines and a brush fire truck were used to combat the blaze, which was extinguished just feet from the wheat fields.

The Ithaca Fire Department believes a discarded cigarette was the cause of the fire.

The Enfield, Newfield, and Cayuga Heights Fire Departments were on stand by if needed.

The department stated that people should be especially careful with smoking material and outdoor barbecues due to the dry weather this season.

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