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ITHACA, NY – The Tompkins County Workers’ Center (TCWC) announces its first-ever “Living Wage Visioning Contest“.

Contestants will produce an original creative work that gives artistic voice to their vision of how their life and the life of their family would change if they were paid a Living Wage. The forms of creative work that can be submitted into the Contest include visual art, video, song, poster, poem, short story, or essay.

The first place winner will receive $1,250; second place winner will receive $750; and third place, $500.

The Contest is open to Tompkins County residents or non-residents 17 years or older who work in the County.  Entries will be accepted from July 1, 2016 through September 15, 2016, with winners announced on September 30, 2016.

The TCWC envisions the following outcomes to result from the Living Wage Visioning Contest:

  • to educate the community about the need for a Living Wage and of the difficulties individuals and families face when their wages are too low to sustain themselves and their families;
  • to empower working class members of the community by allowing them a chance to give voice to their struggles and to play a meaningful role in the community-wide process to win a Living Wage for all.

An especial thanks to the Sustainable Tompkins Neighborhood Mini-Grant Program for helping to support this contest.

For contest details: or contact the Workers’ Center at 607-269-0409

Cosponsors: The Multicultural Resource Center; Sustainable Tompkins; and the Tompkins County Office of Human Rights.

(Photo: 401k 2012 on Flickr)

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