ITHACA, N.Y. — Ithaca was shockingly named the Most Hippie Town in New York in an article published by Thrillist last week.

The list — which includes classically hippie towns such as: Homer, Alaska; Santa Cruz, California; Athens, Georgia; and Asheville, North Carolina — was written by Matt Meltzer.

He wrote, “Thought we’d go Woodstock, did ya? Well, aside from being home to the mud-soaked music fest on Yasgur’s farm, it’s really become more of a hippie tourist trap than an actual town. Ithaca, however, has THE WORLD’S LARGEST FREAKING PEACE SIGN.”

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Meltzer went on to cite the city’s local currency (incorrectly, we might add. Ithaca Hours are long gone, but Ithacash is up and swinging.) and eco-communities.

Some, however, are disputing the designation for one of two reasons.

In a written statement, Mayor Svante Myrick said he questions the validity of the ranking, because it does not do Ithaca justice.

“This is an outrage,” he wrote. “I intend to challenge this. The facts are wrong and misleading. Ithaca is not the hippiest town in New York. Ithaca is the hippiest town in America.”

But at The Ithaca Voice…

Sam Bosco and Carolina Osorio Gil are co-owners of Bici-Cocina, a bike restaurant. Provided photo.

…we are wondering…

Applefest 2015 Photo by Jeff Lower

…what might have given the writer…

Ithaca Festival 2015 Photo by Jolene Almendarez/The Ithaca Voice

…the strange idea…

…that people…

Ithaca is Love 2016 Photo by Mike Smith / The Ithaca Voice

…in this city…

Wizarding Weekend 2015 Photo by Jeff Lower

…could possibly be…

Slope Day 2016 Photo by Jolene Almendarez

…in the very least bit…

Streets Alive 2016 Photo by Sam Scott


Ithaca Farmer’s Market Photo by Anna Kucher/The Ithaca Voice

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