ITHACA , N.Y. — Ithaca has again been ranked one of those most vegetarian friendly cities in the country, according to

The city ranked third on a list of cities for offering the most number of vegetarian restaurants per 100, 000 people, with 17 restaurants offering an ample selection of meat-free food.

The website states, “For this analysis, we used a dataset of more than 18,000 U.S. restaurants that either self-identify as offering vegetarian or vegan cuisine, or which have “vegetarian” or “vegan” in their names.”

Larger cities have a greater number of restaurants that met the criteria to be counted — New York City has 1,026 veggie restaurants and Los Angeles has 814, for instance — but, per capita, small college towns and western cities took the cake…er, carrot.

In a list of 25 cities with best offerings per 100,000, seven — Eugene, Corvallis, Flagstaff, Ann Arbor, Boulder, Champaign, and Ithaca — were also listed as some of the best college towns in the country.

Unfortunately, Ithaca failed the test for catering to vegans. It doesn’t even crack the list of top 25 cities per 100,000 with dairy-free selections, in addition to vegetarian options.

The website, however, states, “Our analysis shows that while big cities have the most vegetarian-friendly restaurants, vegetarians and vegans in mid-size metro areas like Portland and Seattle, or small, liberal cities like Santa Fe and Ithaca, may be better off. They are likely to face the least competition when it comes to finding a table at their cities’ vegetarian eateries.”

Does anyone else suddenly feel like going out to eat?

Featured photo courtesy of Flickr. 

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