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Officer Colin will be making his first arrest as a police officer!

Tomorrow, Tuesday December 13th, Officer Colin Toland will be in Center Ithaca patrolling when he observes the Grinch stealing Christmas presents from underneath the Christmas tree.

Officer Colin will swoop in, make the arrest, and take the Grinch to court for trying to steal Christmas! The scenario doesn’t stop there, though. Ithaca City Court Judge Scott Miller will arraign the Grinch in court and send the Grinch to jail.

After the mock arrest, Officer Colin and his family will attend a meeting later in the evening where they will be presented with the money raised during the No Shave November campaign last month. Cake will be served to celebrate the occasion, too.

Chief of Police John Barber cordially invites the public and media to this wonderful holiday event.

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Featured photo courtesy of Flickr. 

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