LANSING, N.Y. — Dozens of people showed up to a Lansing bar Friday afternoon to eat tacos and pizza, drink beer and celebrate the inauguration President Donald Trump.

“At high noon, we go to happy hour prices,” said Marty Flynn, who runs Flynn’s Roadhouse Cafe and opened it early for the inauguration.

“Well, being an American and being patriotic, I think it’s important, as Americans, to come together versus protesting because we’re all in this together, and we clearly made change together,” he said about the Make America Great Again party.

Among the dozens of attendees were other organizers, like Chuck Reed and Temporary Chair of the Republican Party Mike Sigler. Sigler is also a Tompkins County Legislator and represents Lansing.

Sigler said after years of Republicans or conservative support declining in the area it was good to see people turn out for the inauguration.

“We’ve lost a lot of ground. that’s no big secret,” he said. “It’s great to see so many people.”

Below are photos from the inauguration watch party.

Note: The Ithaca Voice will publish a story later featuring comments from attendees and organizers.

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