ITHACA — Ithaca College contingent faculty have reached a tentative contract agreement with the college, avoiding a planned strike this week.

After meeting from 1 to 11:30 p.m. Sunday, the college and the union representing contingent faculty came to an agreement. The tentative contract includes a significant pay increase for part-time faculty and more stable appointments for full-time contingent faculty, the union said in a news release Monday.

In a statement Monday, SEIU Local 200United contingent faculty Tom Schneller, said it was a collective victory.

“We’re all very happy and excited that we came to such a terrific agreement. It really was a collective victory – this would never have happened without massive pressure from our SEIU Local 200United members, from our students, from our tenured and tenure-track colleagues, and from our Ithaca allies, especially Pete Meyers from the Tompkins County Workers’ Center, as well as Cornell Graduate Students United. It was beautiful to witness this coming together of our community in support, and we are deeply grateful to everyone who made this possible. As we have learned from this process anything is possible when we stop being afraid, reach out to others in sympathy and solidarity, and are tenacious in the pursuit of justice,” Schneller said.

Ithaca College also released a statement Monday, saying “We would like to thank the union bargaining committee for working so diligently with us to resolve the remaining contract issues, arrive at an agreement, and avert a strike. We are deeply grateful for the commitment to come to an agreement during this session.”

Contingent faculty were ready to strike March 28 and 29 if no deal was met.

The union must now hold a ratification vote.

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According to a news release from the union, some highlights of the deal include:

  • An established path towards pay parity for part-time faculty. Part-time faculty will receive immediate raises, as well as annual raises totaling $1,025 per three-credit course over the life of their contract. “We believe that because of our hard work the administration is committed to the concept of pay parity going forward,” they said.
  • More stability for full-time contingent faculty. Full-time contingent faculty will be eligible for two-year appointments after three years of teaching at Ithaca College and three-year appointments after five years of teaching at Ithaca College.
  • More stability for part-time contingent faculty. Part-time contingent faculty will be eligible for two-year appointments after three years of teaching at Ithaca College.  In addition, if classes are cut last minute, part-time contingent faculty will receive a $1,300 kill fee per class canceled.
  • Earlier notice of appointment for full-time and part-time contingent faculty to plan our lives.
  • Guaranteed interview and consideration for minimally qualified full-time and part-time contingent faculty applying for any full-time faculty position.
  • Access to professional development funding
  • The right to be one faculty union
  • A grievance procedure as well as just cause provision so no one will be fired without just cause.
  • A labor management committee which will meet regularly to discuss contingent faculty concerns.
  • Contingent faculty will be eligible for the same teaching excellence awards as tenured and tenure track faculty.
  • Earlier fall semester pay day for part-time faculty.

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