ITHACA, N.Y. — The Cornell vet school released a video late Monday night entitled “Mission: Im-paw-ssible Escape from Cornell Animal Hospital” which features a grand doggo escape for supplies and treats.

A group of six dogs are featured “breaking out” of the Cornell Animal Hospital, catching a TCAT bus to the Cortland CountryMax and shopping for beds, dog treats and toys. The mischievous woofers then pay for their items before making their way back to Cornell.

Different schools within the university have previously gone viral, releasing fun spoof videos over the years. In 2015, graduate students studying chemistry released the music video “Shake & Vent,” a spoof of singer Taylor Swift’s song “Shake it Off.” Then “Vet School Funk” was released as a parody of the song “Uptown Funk.”

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The Ithaca Voice coverage of the “Vet School Funk” is on record as being the second most read article in our nearly three-year history, with more than 207,00 page views. For contrast, it usually takes us about two weeks to rack up that many people on our website.

So far, the video has more than 1,000 shares on the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Facebook page. It was produced by class of 2017 members Kyra Marsigliano, Jodie Joseph, Jami Landry, and Lauren Niedbalec.

In honor of our readership’s apparent love for dogs and the Cornell vet school, we present to you the organization’s latest video, courtesy of their Facebook page.

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