DRYDEN, N.Y. – Police are continuing to search for a suspect after a member of the Dryden Fire Department reported that his equipment was stolen out of his vehicle last week.

Police say they responded to a call reporting a vehicle larceny on Livermore Road in Dryden around 4:30 a.m. on June 17. New York State Police Sgt. Martin Kopcho said officers had responded to four calls reporting vehicle larcenies on Livermore Road the same evening.

“We responded to a series of larcenies from vehicles that night,” Kopcho said. “We had four separate complaints on Livermore Road reporting stolen items ranging from tools, golf clubs, loose change and jumper cables to firefighting equipment.”

Dryden Fire Chief Michael Hall said the equipment, which was taken from an assistant fire chief at the department, amounted to over $3,000.

“It was a full set of protective gear,” he said. “It was taken out of his personal vehicle, parked in his driveway.”

While Kopcho said the vehicle had been locked, the equipment was taken from a storage container in the bed of the firefighter’s truck. All the gear that was stolen had been customized and marked for the Neptune Hose Company and Dryden Fire Department, making it easily recognizable.

Facebook post from the Dryden Fire Dept. seeking help for missing equipment.

“Firefighting gear is not cheap,” Kopcho said. “The fire jacket, pants, helmet, all of that gets expensive real quick.”

Kopcho said the estimated dollar amount of the stolen gear was as follows: $400 helmet, $1000 jacket, $800 pants, $600 mask, and $325 boots. While Kopcho said interviews have been conducted, some progress has been made on leads and evidence has been collected, the case has been transferred to NYSP investigators to dig deeper.

At a separate residence, an additional victim of the vehicle larcenies reported a set of golf clubs stolen, estimated to be worth nearly $1,000.

“This is a reminder for everyone to secure their houses, vehicles and storage containers,” Kopcho said. “No one ever expects that strangers will come on to their property and steal their belongings, but it happens.”

While the investigation is ongoing, police are asking anyone with additional information to call NYSP at (585) 398-4100.

Alyvia is a Crime Reporter with The Ithaca Voice. She graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Journalism and Photography.