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ITHACA, NY — Mouth watering fried chicken, fresh seasonal veggies and melt-in-your mouth ricotta gnocchi, a burger that you daydream about when eating other burgers, these are just a few of our favorite things at The Rook.

The food here is worth writing home about, but I think it’s time to ask you an important question — have you seen the cocktail list?

Like the food menu, the beverage selections at The Rook blend go-to guest favorites with rotating selections that pull inspiration from the seasons. Warmer weather finds us turning our attention outside to fresh produce, breezy patio meals and cool drinks.

This season’s cocktail menu features 11 house cocktails as well as few fun takes on classics. The seasonal gin & tonic gives your tried and true highball a makeover:  the botanicals of Hendrick’s gin play nicely with a sprig of fresh thyme and a swath of grapefruit.

Rotating beers find room to bend towards the sunny days with a selections like Troeg’s Crimson Pistol IPA, which brings hibiscus tea into its hop-forward fold for an adventurous flavor combination that works oh-so-well with the strawberry salad.

Want more pairing suggestions? Just ask! The staff at The Rook can find you just the thing to match your meal, or your mood. Having a great selection of house-made syrups, teas and other infusions also means that the bartender can whip you up creative off-menu beverages and non-alcoholic sparklers.

The focus at The Rook is for you to really enjoy yourself. From its inception, the bar program at The Rook has aimed to complement the food in flavor and concept. The idea is to keep things light, playful, and reliably delicious.

Food and beverage menus here are curated with a “something for everyone” mindset. Here is how that looks in the world of Rook cocktails:

The Rusty Ski Lift is your go-to summertime slow-sipper. Rye, Liqueur Strega, a hint of sugar and orange oil  provide a spirit-forward yet refreshing alternative to some of summers more juicy and light-bodied options.

Don’t Throw Foxes sits in a tall, icy collins glass just waiting to treat your palate and tame your thirst.

Hibiscus tea is the colorful backbone for the this head-turner. With Reposado Tequila, lime, and complex Amaro del Capo, you won’t regret ordering this cocktail based on looks alone.

“What if we infuse gin with…beeswax?!” Beeswax-washed gin takes the helm on our favorite summer cocktail — The Ricky Bees (featured image).

Almost as enjoyable to smell as it is to taste, this light lovely tipple features Aperol, lavender, lemon, and — of course — the luscious beeswax gin. What do we mean by beeswax-washed gin? Where do these names come from? This is best explained by your friendly Rook bartender…over a couple of cocktails.






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