ITHACA, N.Y. — The playground on the Ithaca Commons is closed off for the third time for the surfacing to be redone.

The surface of the playground has been re-poured this week. It is the third time since the playground opened in 2015. There are a few modifications this time, including letting it cure an extra few days, that will hopefully make it last.

“It’s interesting because we love the design of it, but it takes a beating with all the kids … but nonetheless should last,” JoAnn Cornish, director of planning and development, said. “We’re hoping that this time it’s going to take.”

The playground by Play By Design is under warranty so the cost to repair it every time has not come out of the city’s pocket.

“They’ve been really responsive and we will just keep bringing them back until it sticks,” Cornish said.

The surface needed to be replaced because it began to pull apart at the seam, where the colors meet each other. To make the surface last this time, they have poured a thicker coat and used darker colors. Cornish said they found the lighter colors separated at the seam. It was primarily an aesthetic issue, not safety, Cornish said.

“We love it and love that kids love it so we really want it to look good,” Cornish said.

Featured image by Kelsey O’Connor/Ithaca Voice

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