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ITHACA, N.Y. — Just after 2:30 p.m. on Jul 4th , the Ithaca Fire Department, Bangs Ambulance and the NYS Park Police were called to the upper Buttermilk Falls State Park for a 36-year-old male who jumped into the water off the gorge trail and broke his leg.

IFD responded with it’s rope rescue vehicle and an engine crew initially, and when they saw where the man was, an additional engine crew was brought in to help.

Firefighters had to rappel down to the victim, who was not from the area, packaged him in a rescue basket, and used a rope system to haul him back up to the gorge trail.

They then used a stretcher carrier to haul him up to West King Road where Bangs Ambulance was waiting to transport him to a regional trauma center with non-life threatening injuries.

The rescue took about an hour and a half and utilized six firefighters, three Bangs Ambulance paramedics and numerous park staff.  Ithaca FD called in off duty firefighters for staffing while it was taking place.  IFD reminds everyone, especially in this hot weather, to stay on marked trails and exercise caution when enjoying our area.

Swimming is illegal, and dangerous in all area gorges. The State Parks allow swimming in designated areas where marked, with a life guard on duty.

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