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1 – Keep an eye out for blue-green algae in Cayuga Lake

DEC monitoring suspicious algae blooms in Cayuga LakeThe DEC is monitoring blue-green algae blooms, also known as Harmful Algal Blooms, in Cayuga Lake.

According to the New York State Department of Health, blue-green algae are a microscopic organism which forms dense blooms on the water surface. Areas affected by the algae often appear with a strongly colored paint-like quality. The blooms are reported to primarily appear as a blue-green color, but may also appear yellow, white, brown, purple or red. Water affected by the algae may produce harmful toxins to people and animals.

Report any HAB-related health symptoms to the NYS Department of Health at harmfulalgae@health.ny.gov, or call the Tompkins County Health Department at (607) 274-6604.

2 – Suicide prevention coalition forms in Tompkins County

Suicide prevention coalition to form in Tompkins County – The newly developed suicide prevention coalition in Tompkins County is a collaborative effort which aims to curb suicide rates in the region through community outreach.

According to Suicide Prevention & Crisis Services of Tompkins County, it was reported that 42,773 Americans died by suicide in 2014. On average, that number amounted to approximately 117 suicide deaths per day. Estimates conclude that 11 people die by suicide each year in Tompkins County.

Tompkins County Health Department

3 – It’s been a bad year for ticks; Lyme disease remains top local concern

Bad year for ticks; Lyme disease remains top concern for Tompkins County – After a mild winter and growing populations of deer and mice, this year is predicted to be an especially bad year for ticks.

Lyme disease, carried by deer ticks, continues to be the main concern in Tompkins County, for residents and pets alike. This year many people have also been talking about the Powassan virus, which has caught national attention for its serious health effects, but there have been no cases in Tompkins County and none found in ticks submitted either.

Provided by Melissa Osgood/Cornell University

4 – Ithaca man arrested after striking woman, police say

Ithaca man arrested for allegedly striking woman, violating restraining order twice in a day — An Ithaca man was arrested Sunday after police reported he physically assaulted a woman on two separate occasions during the same day, violating an order of protection.

According to the woman’s statement, Davonne E. Simeon, 25, was at her house when he began yelling at her. Simeon allegedly threw the woman’s television on the ground and proceeded to hit her. Upon calling the police, the victim said Simeon then left the apartment.

5 – Planned Parenthood supporters protest ‘Trumpcare’

Planned Parenthood supporters freeze on Ithaca Commons to protest ‘Trumpcare’ – A freeze mob of more than 40 Planned Parenthood supporters gathered on the Ithaca Commons Wednesday in response to the GOP health-care bill, which could restrict the organization’s funding.

The gathering was one of many nationwide Planned Parenthood protests this week against “Trumpcare.”

Planned Parenthood supporters freeze during a demonstration July 26 on the Ithaca Commons. Alyvia Covert/Ithaca Voice

6 – Tompkins considers switch to LED street lights

Tompkins considers switch to LED street lights which will save energy and money — Tompkins County is considering converting to LED street lights, which would save the county energy and money.

LED streetlights, which many cities are switching to, could reduce Tompkins County’s energy use by about 65 percent. However, talks of switching have also prompted conversations about light temperature and the impact certain types of LED lights can have on people and the environment.

Flickr photo

7 – Ithaca Commons playground surfacing fixed again

Ithaca Commons playground surface re-poured again — The playground on the Ithaca Commons is closed off for the third time for the surfacing to be redone.

The surface of the playground has been re-poured this week. It is the third time since the playground opened in 2015. There are a few modifications this time, including letting it cure an extra few days, that will hopefully make it last.

Kelsey O’Connor/Ithaca Voice

8 – Man indicted on murder, arson charges related to Collegetown death

Man indicted on charges related to Collegetown murder case, DA rules out hate crime — A Dryden man accused of killing an Ithaca woman was indicted in Tompkins County Court early Thursday afternoon, just over a month after the alleged murder.

Michael Davis, 45, is accused of killing Josie Berrios, 28, who was found dead at a construction site in Collegetown on the morning of June 13.

9 – Ithaca looks at improvements to parks and recreation

How can Ithaca improve parks and recreation? Master plan in works — Waterfront access, indoor facilities and more programs are some of the things local residents would like more of when it comes to parks and recreation in the City of Ithaca.

The city has been working with Pros Consulting to survey residents about parks and recreation and is putting together a master plan to put those ideas into motion. When completed, the Parks and Recreation Master Plan will give the city an overall strategy for managing local parks, from large waterfront spaces like Stewart Park to smaller neighborhood parks.

10 – Students showcase artwork, poetry, dance in CUMEP concert

Photo gallery: 50 photos from Southside Community Center’s 14th annual CUMEP concert — Hundreds gathered at Ithaca’s Southside Community Center on Thursday evening to watch students of the summer camp showcase artwork, spoken word poetry, song, dance and other talents.

Southside’s Community Unity Music Education Program (CUMEP), the brainchild of founder Fe Nunn, began in 2003 as a way to provide an affordable, quality performing arts education for low-income youth and youth of African American, Latino, Asian American and Native American (ALANA) backgrounds.

Watch a video of the event below:

Featured image by Alyvia Covert/Ithaca Voice

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