ITHACA, N.Y. – A woman accused of being involved in the homicide of a Newfield man last year pleaded guilty to conspiracy in Tompkins County Court on Wednesday afternoon.

Cameron Rundell, 30, was found dead outside his home on December 2, 2016. Police quickly ruled his death a homicide, and five people were later indicted on charges related to his death.

One of the five individuals, Melissa Minnick, 39, was charged with fourth-degree conspiracy after she was accused of buying several items to help the other four people take part in the robbery of Rundell’s home which eventually led to his death.

Minnick said Roy Clements, her boyfriend at the time, asked her to buy various items for him, which she said she later dropped off to him. Clements is charged wwith second-degree murder, first-degree robbery, and fourth-degree conspiracy after it was alleged that he pinned Rundell down, causing him to die.

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“(Clements) asked me to buy some items at Wal-Mart,” Minnick said. “I bought dog food, sleeping pills and ski masks, which I gave to him.”

Minnick’s knowledge of what the items would be used for was called into question by Deputy District Attorney Andrew Bonavia. Minnick said she was under the impression Clements was “just going to go beat (Rundell) up.”

“Minnick was aware that these items were going to be used during a robbery,” Bonavia said. “You were aware that they were going to his house to beat him up.” Bonavia said the purchase of the items and her awareness of the situation satisfied the charges Minnick faces.

Minnick pleaded guilty to fourth-degree conspiracy, a class E felony. Judge Joseph Cassidy said he would likely follow the DA’s recommendation upon sentencing, which suggested a 5 year probation period.

Alyvia is a Crime Reporter with The Ithaca Voice. She graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Journalism and Photography.