ITHACA, N.Y. — The City of Ithaca is looking into an all-way stop at the intersection of Cayuga and Cascadilla streets.

Making the intersection a four-way stop instead of a two-way stop would make it safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Eric Hathaway, transportation engineer, said the time is right to consider this change as conditions along the Cascadilla Creekway are being improved.

However, he said there is no perfect solution for the intersection.

Though it can be a difficult spot to cross, there is not a strong pattern of crashes at the intersection driving the change, Hathaway said. What is really driving the interest in a four-way stop is that the bridge rail at the northwest corner of the intersection obstructs the view to the north.

View the detailed plan for the intersection

Interactive map: examining pedestrian crash data and improvements in Ithaca

Hathaway said he has run simulation of how traffic would be affected at the busiest time of day, around 9 a.m. He said Cayuga Street already backs up at that time. Given the circumstances, Hathaway said it was worth a try.

West State/Martin Luther King Jr. Street Corridor

At the Board of Public Works meeting Monday, the State Street intersection redesign project was again discussed and again sent to Common Council. Though some changes were proposed, ultimately the project was sent back to Common Council as is.

The project brought West Hill residents to speak at the Board of Public Works meeting. Several people who spoke in favor of the project said it will enhance safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. Others who were opposed to the project are concerned the redesign will make traffic worse and did not feel like West Hill residents were included in the planning process.

In response to some of the public concerns about the project, Tim Logue, director of engineering, sent a memo to the Board of Public Works. Logue discusses what public outreach efforts were made and traffic studies that were completed.

As outlined, the project is intended to improve conditions for pedestrians crossing the street and walking through the corridor, provide better bicycle conditions and improve overall safety.

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