ITHACA, N.Y. — Dennis Lampila, who has been implicated in a crime that left a Newfield man dead, is now attempting to have his plea deal thrown out before he could be sentenced.

Lampila was originally charged with second-degree murder and first-degree robbery after being accused of taking part in an alleged heist where 30-year-old Camden Rundell died. He, along with four other people, were charged in the alleged crime.

Roy Clements Jr. was the first to go to trial for the Dec. 2 incident. Prosecutors and witnesses claimed that Clements essentially crushed Rundell to death while restraining him in the yard. Lampila and others, meanwhile, were accused of robbing the home of marijuana plants.

Lampila accepted a plea deal in October where he pleaded guilty of felony first-degree robbery. The plea deal meant that prosecutors would suggest a 5-year prison sentence and Lampila would have to cooperate with law enforcement and prosecutors in the case. He was never called to the stand during Clements’ trial.

On Nov. 8, however, Clements was found not guilty of all he charges against him and walked away a free man.

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Lampila was tentatively scheduled to be sentenced Monday, but after a conference with Judge Joseph Cassidy and the attorneys involved, the appearance was adjourned.

Lampila was originally represented by Todd Miller. His new attorney is Joseph Joch who said after the adjournment that Lampila would be trying to withdraw his plea.

A new court date for Lampila has not been scheduled.

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