ITHACA, N.Y. — As newsrooms across the country continue to shrink, and misinformation is becoming easier to spread, supporting reliable journalism has never been more important than it is today. Donate $20.18 to The Ithaca Voice today, and ensure that our community will stay informed and engaged in 2018. [su_button url=”″ background=”#ef2d39″ icon=”icon: heart”]Donate $20.18[/su_button]

The Ithaca Voice, a non-profit news organization, has quickly become the most trusted news outlet in Tompkins County and Ithaca. We are and always will be free to read. We believe that the more people who have access to local news, the better informed and prosperous our community will be. We’re hyperlocal, so you’ll never have to sift through irrelevant stories from hundreds of miles away. As the internet has changed the way people get their news, we’ve embraced technology. We’ve built the largest Facebook following in Ithaca (over 20k) and explored new ways to inform people, like livestreaming video.

Most importantly, we’re driven by a mission to inform our community, not by profit. That’s why you’ll never see clickbait headlines or intrusive ads on our website.

We can adhere to our mission thanks to local sponsors and reader support. While corporate-owned media races to the bottom, our supporters have lifted us up. Since we started in 2014, our staff has grown from 2 to 8 people. In addition to our timely daily coverage, we’ve published in-depth series pieces on complex issues in our community, such as the opioid crisis, veteran issues, and affordable housing. We’ve hosted events to encourage civic engagement, like our panel discussion about refugee issues, and live streamed election debates.

Donate to The Ithaca Voice today and support real news. Make sure Ithaca and Tompkins Country get the Truth in 2018.

As a bonus, if you donate $75 or more by the end of November, you can choose to receive a Tompkins County Coloring Calendar. Slow down, relax, and appreciate the beauty of our area by coloring iconic scenes from Tompkins County like Taughannock Falls, the Newfield covered bridge, and much more.

From everyone here at The Ithaca Voice, thank you for your support!

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Mike Blaney is the executive director and co-founder of The Ithaca Voice.